Nov 5, 2012

Real Housewives Atlanta - Season Premier!

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Thank you BravoTv gods for bringing The Real Housewives of Atlanta back into our lives!

First I gotta say, Cynthia Bailey and David Ruffin's daughter is absolutely beautiful. OMG, she's gonna be a stunna just like her mama!

Kenya Moore and her butt shots (not an allegation by the way) is sometimes pretty but that's as far as that goes. I love how she thinks she deserves an engagement ring after she has ran through the whole entertainment and sports world (alleged by the way). On to that lunch meeting that Kenya had with Ms. Lawrence, did that Queen have his nails did?! I bout near died at his red acrylics. And how does he manage to know every single housewife? I smell a Bravo setup.

Kandi Burruss and Sweetie's donkey booties smdh. Thanksgiving came early because them heauxs were smuggling golden baked hams in their jeans.  I love love loved Kandi's new home.  It was massive and she paid for it in KASH. I also loved the hate that Kim Zolciak and Sweetie were giving though.  Kim was clearly mad because her dreammm homeee *Nene Leakes voice* turned into a nightmare and here goes Kandi, stackin them chips and paying for a foreclosed home in full. Go 'head Kandi. Be great, boo.

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Nene, the star of the show, is really telling on herself especially during this lunch meeting with this pale male.  Nene has been an actress since before the Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered. Those of you who are involved in the acting world can recognize when someone is acting and Nene is a prime example.  She has the cadence of an actress and I'm starting to think that she's been playing us during this entire Atlanta housewives series. But anyway, moving on...

If Kenya don't sit her fake hydrogel booty down somewhere trying to judge these chicks at the Bailey agency.  This hard in the face broad was too critical for these chicks who are just trying to model in some Apple Bottoms ads.  It's not that serious Ms. USA.  Like for seriously, let Cynthia Bailey make that cash selling dreams to these girls.  Kenya was just rude for no cottdangit reason and a part of me thinks that Bravo might be grooming Kenya to take over Nene's place since it's clear that Nene has flown above this Real Housewives of Atlanta gig. And I almost spit out my wine when Cynthia said she was coming for Kenya, but I don't waste my wine on noooobodddyyy. Cynthia ain't about to check no one and we all know this.

I am looking forward to next week's episode and the Kim and Nene run in!

What did you think of the premier episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta?


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