Nov 19, 2012

Real Housewives ATL - Kenya Moore vs. Porsha Stewart

Kenya Moore and Ms. Lawrence. Photo Courtesy of Kenya's Twitter

The episode opens up with an awkward interaction between Nene Leakes and her ex-husband Greg.  They are hanging out in a nail salon and Greg has the thirst all the way turnt up.  He is really trying hard to get his woman back and Nene is just eating up the attention.

Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks are talking about their next business venture, the Donkey Booty workout video.  I swear these two have a new hustle every season of this damn show. What happened to Phaedra's law practice and the mortuary? And what the hell happened to Ayden was he just a child actor or is he really their son? I wish they would pick a fake life and stick to it. And the close-ups of Phaedra's butt? STOP!

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Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are still getting evicted from their dreammm homeee *Nene voice* and they are being forced to move back into Kim's 5,000 square foot condo, oh the horror.  How will Kim ever manage to live in a home that small? I feel so sorry for her! *sarcasm*

New girl Porsha Stewart meets with Kenya Moore at an eatery and Porsha personally invites Kenya to her Hosea Williams charity party.  Kenya accepts and is semi-excited to attend until Porsha gets all personal with her and starts asking her "are you married?" and "do you have kids?" questions.  Kenya is feeling some kind of way about it because those are sensitive topics for her.  I don't think Porsha meant any harm, I think she is pretty and harmless.  I do hate her lisp or whatever is going on with her speech though.

Kenya meets up with Phaedra at a bar and starts talking about her mother and how she was raised.  Kenya had a rough life but Phaedra was acting like she wasn't too concerned lol. I just heard a bunch of "uh huh....uhhh...awww".  But it's good to know that Kenya is not crazy for no reason, apparently her mother suffers from a mental illness.

Kandi Burruss is moving to her new home and her aunt, uncle, and cousin come over to help her move.  Her uncle is lol-tastical.  He is southern country fried bumpkin x100000.  He said he would use a "hump strap" to strap Kandi's refrigerator to his back and carry it out of her house lol. Someone give this man his own show. I would love to just sit back and listen to his country ass make up words all day.

Nene is in New York for some acting work and she meets up with her number one fan  bff Cynthia Bailey.  Cynthia takes Nene on her first subway ride and Nene is doing the absolute most, as usual. She has on these 7 inch high heels and is talking to the subway riders in her fake acting voice. 

Kenya arrives to Porsha's charity event and she's shading the hell out of everything.  Porsha was nice enough to let Kenya and her friend sit at her table and Kenya was just complaining the whole time.  I felt bad for Porsha but I'm sure she won't be inviting Kenya to anymore of her events! When Porsha gets up to thank everyone for coming, she tells the room that Kenya Moore, Miss America, is in the audience. Everybody knows that Kenya was Miss USA! Okay, not everyone as I don't even remember this bird winning any kind of beauty pageants but hey, it's a big deal to Kenya so I'm gonna let her have her moment.  The way she walked out of Porsha's party was straight up rude! And that ass? Why the hell was she smuggling Thanksgiving day hams in her dress? Anyway, I digress...Porsha, being classy and clueless, walks outside to make sure everything was okay and Kenya just gives her this stank stuck-up look and tells her everything is fine and she is just waiting for Ms. Lawrence to arrive.  When Ms. Lawrence gets there, and Kenya is telling him about how ditzy Porsha called her "Miss America",  Porsha comes back outside and asks Kenya to get the hell on out of her party! Kick rocks MISS USA!

One thing I was confused about, can someone explain to me why Porsha's husband, Kordell Stewart, was lavishing her with gifts at a charity event? It seemed tres-tacky to me. 

What did you think about Kenya and her funky attitude? How do you like Porsha so far?


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