Nov 20, 2012

Marrying the Game - Episode One

Photo Courtesy of Tiffney's Twitter

Add another reality t.v. show to the roster!

VH1 just debuted "Marrying the Game" which is a show about Los Angeles rapper The Game and his fiancee Tiffney Cambridge.  The show is hard to watch because The Game is a lot uglier than I remembered him being.  He is cursing up a storm about the wedding planning and Tiffney just rolls her eyes the entire time. The fact that she even puts up with him...

Tiffney wants to go to Santa Barbara for some wedding crap and The Game needs his rest. The man has been in the studio with Chris Brown all damn day what did she expect? Tiffney acts like a bird, she's running around the house hollering and nagging his azz all damn day. I know she's a lot older than him but does she really think that yelling in his face like she's his mama will make him change?

We already know this is going to be a train wreck since The Game called off the wedding one week before the ceremony back in July, so I am expecting nothing but utter fukkery from this show!


  1. Well, then he admitted that he is a cheater. Oh, well! No surprise here. But I will go on to say that NOT ALL MEN are cheaters. Believe it or not, there are some REAL MEN in the world who are honest, loyal and committed to having a one woman relationship and they EXPECT, REQUIRE and DESIRE the same from a woman. Does this say that they will never feel an attraction towards another? Not necessarily. Afterall, we are human. However, not all men are dogs and some do exercise self-control. Self-control is something one must work at and should be taught during childhood in many instances. Game obviously doesn't have any self-control and chooses not to work at it either. He's just another knucklehead that will be if he isn't already, passing around bugs and viruses to these knucklehead women and or men who choose to lie down with his sorry a$$.

    And speaking of sorry---Tiffney is behaving sorrowful because she's a GROWN A$$ WOMAN allowing this man with this boyish, childish behavior dictate her life. Woman, you should have let go a LONG time ago. When you feel you have to raise a man, there's a problem! You did not birth him! Another woman has been there, done that! You are wasting valuable time which leads me to think that you are in it for the attention and money or you're just plain D.U.M.B. Now, which one is it? Either way, it doesn't speak much about you, girlfriend.