Nov 13, 2012

Love & Hip Hop ATL - K. Michelle Goes Off On a Twitter Follower

Photo Courtesy of K.Michelle's Twitter

Everyone's lovable hoodrat is up to her usual thuggish ruggish ways!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's K.Michelle stopped in the middle of a performance to check her Twitter account and the bird was not happy with what she saw! Apparently one of her followers, who was in the crowd at the time of her performance, was tweeting all types of crap about K. Michelle during the show.  It's hard to hear what K. Michelle was ranting about but apparently the fan was disrespecting her and K. wasn't having it! She threatens to take of her lacefront and whoop the fans azz. But the best part of it all is...the hater was a male.

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In case you forgot, K. previously chirped about her ex-boyfriend Memphitz abusing her (story is here) and she later became a spokesperson for a Stop the Violence campaign (story is here). And now, she is on stage being filmed and threatening to beat up a male concertgoer.  What the hell is this girl thinking? She wants to cry about being abused and two seconds later she is threatening violence against someone else? This is why K.Michelle will never be a star and this is why no one will ever take her seriously. Fight violence with violence girl and good luck with that music career of yours!

What do you think of K.Michelle threatening to beat up a Twitter follower?


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