Nov 8, 2012

Basketball Wives Miami - Royce Confirms She's Been Fired

Photo Courtesy of Royce's Twitter

Rumors were swarming like moths to a flame last year after the Basketball Wives of Miami season wrapped.  Gossip blogs were reporting that Jennifer Williams, Kesha Nichols and Royce Reed had all been fired from the series.  Well, Royce has finally taken to her Twitter to set the record straight.

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I guess this means we won't be seeing Royce's Dad with his professor glasses trying to stop his daughter from chasing peen all over the U.S.

Royce's firing comes as no surprise to fans of the Basketball Wives Miami series. The majority of the cast refused to film with Royce after she got into that huge blowout with Evelyn Lozada where glasses were thrown and coocas were exposed.

Royce also could not speak about her baby daddy, Lakers player Dwight Howard, after he put a gag order on her.  So essentially, Royce's only story line was her teenage boyfriend (read more here and here), her dance group, and her acting career a.k.a. snorefest U.S.A. Bye bye, Royce! Don't let the door hit ya!

What do you think of Royce being booted from the Basketball Wives Miami cast? Will you miss her presence on the show?


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