Nov 21, 2012

Basketball Wives Miami - Cast Threatens to Quit Over Salaries

Photo Courtesy of The Jasmine Brand

Season five of Basketball Wives Miami has already started filming (story here) but according to, the remaining cast members are trying their hardest to negotiate a higher salary with VH1. 

Shaunie O'neal, Evelyn Lozada, Suzie Ketchum and Tami Roman have not signed their new contracts yet but they have already started filming for the new season(that sounds smart...not).  The ladies believe that since the show does so well, they should be compensated with hefty pay raises.  VH1 has already told the entire cast that they will not be getting any additional money and whoever doesn't like it can get the hell on! Allegedly, the ladies are planning to walk out next week if VH1 won't meet their demands.

I'm all for getting rid of those four trash bags and bringing in some new ladies, preferably ones who are actually married to NBA players...

What do you think about the cast of Basketball Wives Miami demanding more money from VH1?


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