Nov 6, 2012

Basketball Wives - Laura Govan is Coming for Jackie Christie

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I have to be honest with y'all, I watched this week's episode of Basketball Wives L.A. but I really wasn't paying too much attention to these birds.  The show is so dry and it doesn't hold my attention for long, so sorry!

Anyway tho, let me give y'all a short recap...Jackie Christie meets with her daughters and despite them telling her they do not want a therapist present for the conversation, Jackie goes behind heir back and invites a counselor to sit down with them to help them sort through their family issues.  Jackie's daughters proceed to tell her about how they never felt like they were good enough for her, and how they sometimes felt intimated by her.  Jackie, being the stubborn wackadoodle that she is, refuses to rehash the past.  Her daughters leave angry and Jackie is of course in delusional Jackie Land and is acting like her daughters are lying about everything.  Poor kids.

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Gloria Govan, Draya and Brooke Bailey meet up and Gloria explains her husband, Matt Barnes', recent arrest (story is here).  Gloria lies tells the ladies that Matt wasn't resisting arrest or popping off at the officers, he was simply trying to hand her the car keys while he was being handcuffed. Uh huh, yeah right!

Back in Seattle, Malaysia Pargo, Bambi and Laura Govan are at Jackie and Doug's home.  The conversation drifts towards Jackie's daughters and the strain that has been caused in their relationship.  Laura asks Jackie if it would be okay for her to sit down with Jackie's two daughters and Jackie was considering it but inside she was like, "girl, bye!". Jackie is a nut but she's not nutty enough to allow Laura to make her family issues even worse.  That dude Bambi sticks her big body into a situation that doesn't even concern her and she tells Jackie that she is too passive with Laura and she says a bunch of other crap that I really wasn't paying attention to.

Draya and Brooke are all of a sudden BFF's and they go to a gay club together and get hit on by a bunch of ladies.  The twosome then go to train for boxing with boxer Victor Ortiz.  These birds are dressed in the smallest and tightest tube tops, coochie cutter shorts and spandex pants. Like damn, can you take one day off from being a heaux or is that like a full time job? Draya's shorts get stuck in her new booty and she asks Victor to pick them out of her cheeks for her. Just plain ol' nasty!

MayMay, Bambi and Jackie meet up and Bambi is all of a sudden going hard for Auntie Jackie acting like they are really that tight.  Bambi tells Jackie she will fight Laura. Ummm... for what though? I swear if this Bambi guy don't sit his buns down somewhere. I am so tired of him inserting his two cents in some drama that doesn't even pertain to him.  

On a later day, MayMay meets up with the Govan sisters and Laura spills the chitlins on her plan of action against Jackie.  Apparently, Laura is still holding a grudge against Jackie due to all of the drama she caused on season one.  So, Laura has made it her mission to mess with Jackie and cause havoc in her life.  But once again, editing on this dumb show sucks and we don't even know what the root of the issue really is.  I'm guessing it's something completely messed up because I really don't see Laura, a grown woman and mother of four kids, taking the time out of her life to purposely wreck havoc on old azz Jackie Christie.  I refuse to believe that this is real life. If by any chance Laura is as vindictive and vengeful for no reason as portrayed through editing, then she is truly a sick human being for messing with Jackie who clearly has mental issues of her own.

What did you think about this episode of Basketball Wives L.A.? Do you think that Laura's attack on Jackie is warranted?


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