Nov 30, 2012

Basketball Wives - Bambi Throws Shade at Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon?

Photo Courtesy of Bambi's Twitter

Those of you who follow Basketball Wives L.A's. newcomer Bambi on Twitter and Instagram know that she has no problem with speaking her mind and going in on anyone at the drop of a dime.  Well, last night, Bambi threw such an underhanded subliminal shady dig that I'm not sure too many people picked up on it so here I come to the rescue to explain and break it on down for y'all!

I recently made a couple of post about Bambi allegedly having a relationship with Love & Hip Hop ATL's Lil' Scrappy (read here and here).  The rumors about Bambi and Scrappy hooking up go back to early 2011 and Bambi has posted pictures of her and Scrappy cuddled up together as recently as this Summer.

Bambi and Lil' Scrappy getting close in a nightclub.

I previously reached out to Bambi on Twitter and asked her what was going on between her and Scrappy and she denied that the two are involved in a romantic relationship.  Well, if that's the case, I'm going to need for Bambi to explain this to me...

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On November 19th, Lil' Scrappy posted a picture of some delicious tragic food that his fiancee Erica Dixon had prepared for him on a disposable plate with the caption "My Queen Erica Dixon cooked a big one for me n the baby".

Of course everyone on Twitter went in on Scrappy and Erica over that struggling plate of food and just yesterday, Bambi sent out this message on her Twitter:

Oh damn, shots fired!

If Bambi and Scrappy are "just friends" shouldn't Bambi have some respect for his fiancee, or are no heauxs off limits in the city of Ratchetville, U.S.A.?  

Do you think Bambi's shade was directed at Erica Dixon or am I reaching for the stars with this one?  I'm about to tweet Bambi right now to find out! Stay tuned...


  1. Bami has too much gums, Nothing on Erica boo!!!

    1. Bambi has too much gums and Scrappy has too much teef. Match made in heaven? lol

  2. You were right about this one! HA! Bambi wanted Scrappy the whole time!