Oct 26, 2012

The Houstons: On Our Own - Am I The Only One Watching This Train Wreck?

Photo of Bobbi Kristina and Her Fiance Nick Gordon from Her Twitter

Eight months after the passing of Whitney Houston, her family thought it would be a brilliant idea to film a reality show on the Lifetime network.  The show centers around Pat Houston (Whitney's sister-in-law), her husband Gary Houston (Whitney's brother), Bobbi Kristina Brown (Whitney's daughter) and a slew of unattractive family members with horrible weaves.

I only watched episode two and the thirty minute show was painful and uncomfortable to sit through.  Although I am a reality t.v. lover, I have to draw the line with this garbage.  The Houstons are clearly exploiting Bobbi Kris and I feel that the cameras are unrightfully intruding on her grieving process.  Pat Houston is portraying this "matriarch" role but I have to question her intentions if she actually thought that filming this show would be a good idea.  

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Bobbi Kris slurs and stumbles her way through each and every scene.  There's a moment where Pat invites Bobbi and her fiance/adoptive brother Nick Gordon over to her home for dinner and the cameras are focused in on 19-year-old Bobbi trying to drink wine every 1.5 seconds.  Pat then throws shade at Whitney and pretty much blames her for Bobbi's drinking problem.  Way to throw your deceased loved one under the bus, Pat!

Nick is Bobbi's enabler and it's clear that he is her "Bobby Brown" in a sense.  How is it okay for Nick to say that he loves Bobbi but he ignores the fact that she is under some kind of influence at all times?There's a scene where Bobbi is stirring a pot of scallops or something and she gives Nick a spoonful to eat.  I swear her eyes are closed and her head is bobbing the entire time. I prayed that she didn't fall head first into the pot but then again, it probably would have been the only highlight of the show.

In all, I don't know if I will be sitting through another thirty minutes of this program.  In a sick way, I hope no one really watches so that this mess can get cancelled. If you didn't catch the first or second episodes and you're curious about how a family thinks it's okay to shove a camera into a grieving teenager's face who clearly has problems that can't be fixed by a reality show, you can watch the first and second episodes here online. 

What did you think of the show?


  1. I missed the premier but will try to watch soon. I am curious to see how this will all play out.