Oct 19, 2012

Real Housewives - Danielle Staub to Return to Jersey Housewives?

Picture of Danielle and her daughters via her Twitter

Dreams really do come true!

TMZ is reporting that ex-New Jersey housewife Danielle Staub was in New York on the 17th of October and she had a sit down meeting with Housewives executive producer, Andy Cohen.  Danielle said, "There was a lot of talk about everything, including Housewives."

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Is Danielle up to her usual antics of trying to get some attention? Or is Bravo really considering bringing her nutty behind back on the show? I don't think people understand how Danielle's presence on the Jersey Housewives will make the series so much better.  Danielle has all of the dirt on ALL of these broads.  I also think that Queen Teresa of Paterson babyyy would make peace with Danielle just to have her on her side.  If Danielle was fighting Tre's battles (and acting as her English interpreter) there is the potential for an enormous amount of Jersey weave pulling, broken high heels, and tossed tables ratchetness!

I have never heard of a housewife meeting with Andy after they have already been fired (except for NY's Jill Zarin who recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live), so I think this is a good sign that Danielle will return for season five! Pop the champagne!

What do you think about Danielle meeting with Bravo execs? Would you tune in to watch her return to the Jersey series?


  1. Hell yeah she should be let back, her crimes didn't send her to prison for 15 months. Good Grief lets call the criminal a criminal here. Besides when she was around the show was at the very least, entertaining. Get rid of those boring ass twins.