Oct 22, 2012

Basketball Wives - Royce Reed Begging for Another Heartbreak

Photo of Royce and Her Son Boyfriend Courtesy of Royce's Twitter

Everyone has that friend that does the dumbest stuff over and over again.  Royce Reed of Basketball Wives Miami is that friend (in my head) that just can't seem to get it right!

Back in May of 2011, everything was peaches and lilies for 30 year-old Royce and her NFL boyfriend, 23 year-old Dez Briscoe, until Dez appeared on an episode of Basketball Wives professing his love for Royce.  Christina, Dez' baby mother, took to her Twitter page to let Royce know that although Dez was proclaiming his love for her, he was still blowing up her inbox with racy text messages. Christina came with the receipts and posted screenshots of some of the inappropriate text messages that Dez had been sending her while he was dating Royce.

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Photo of Christina and Dezmon Jr. Courtesy of Christina's Twitter

Royce defended her little tenderoni by typing Twitter replies back and forth with Christina until her little fingers fell off.  In the end, Dez admitted to Royce that he did send those text to Christina but he only did it so that he could stay on Christina's good side and she would be more willing to let him see his son, Dezmon Jr.

Royce (who should have listened to her Daddy from the jump) broke up with Dez and deleted him from her Twitter. Her Twitter timeline was full of "girl what did you expect?" and "Royce, stop chasing men and go take care of your son".  But, once a bird always a bird! Royce was watching the football games today and was rooting for the Redskins. Now why would Royce be rooting for the 'Skins? Hmmm...maybe because Dez was just acquired by the team in July of this year.

A curious Twitter follower asked Royce directly about her love for the 'Skins and she answered with, "think about it ;-)"

Royce must have gotten a slew of replies and was dragged for implying that she is back with Dez the cheater so she immediately posted a new tweet that read, "STFU".  Lol.

So there you have it, Royce and Dez are most likely back on. I'll be watching Christina's Twitter page closely to see if she pops off any time soon.  Royce and her love life brings the best entertainment!

What do you think about Royce and Dez reconciling?


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