Oct 23, 2012

Basketball Wives - Royce & Dez Briscoe Update

Photo Courtesy of Royce's Twitter

Royce must not know I'm the insta-stalkin' twitter-hawkin' queen!  These "celebs" love telling their business online and I love putting the puzzle pieces together for my readers!

Yesterday I published a post about Basketball Wives Miami star Royce Reed possibly reconciling with her cheating ex-boyfriend, Dez Briscoe.  Well, as we all know, Royce is a twitter-crazed cheerleader who can't keep anything to herself and tonight, she posted this tweet on her Twitter:

Who is in Washington D.C. other than her Washington Redskin's ex-boyfriend Dez? Royce *smh* please prove me wrong.  This 23 year-old boy ain't it for you boo.  Do better.

Hopefully by the time I wake up tomorrow, Royce will be tweeting about going to D.C. to do something other than chase the 'D'.  If so, I will gladly delete this post!

What do you think about Royce flying out to potentially see her ex-boyfriend Dez?


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