Oct 30, 2012

Basketball Wives L.A. - Matt Barnes Suspended by the NBA

Things aint looking too good in the Barnes-Govan household.  Rumors swirled earlier this week about Gloria "From Groupie to Wife" Govan possibly being fired from Basketball Wives L.A. after she snuck off to Las Vegas to marry her baby daddy, Los Angeles Clippers Matt "Skeletor" Barnes.  Now today, TMZ is reporting that Matt has been suspended by the NBA for his arrest that took place back in July.

On July 31st, Matt was arrested in Manhattan Beach, California for driving under a suspended license and for resisting arrest.  The NBA has suspended Matt for one game after he pleaded "no contest" to interfering with the duties of a police officer.  Matt took to his Twitter to air out his frustration:

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So you're going to call the league that employes you a "joke"? David Stern don't play that mess! Get ready to receive a fine from the NBA you big dummy!

What do you think about Matt being suspended for his previous arrest?


  1. He's a non-factor anyway so the suspension means nothing to his team.

  2. I though he was going to be suspended for the whole season. 1 game is nothing!