Oct 30, 2012

Basketball Wives L.A. - Episode 8 Recap, the Fight That We Will Never Witness

Photo Courtesy of TMZ

Things picked up where they left off with this snorefest... Brooke "Side Pony Tail Why?" Bailey's birthday pool party with her Costco cake.  The ladies are all being cordial but Jackie Christie is prepared for war, you know, just in case little Draya tries to pop off. Towards the end of the party, Jackie approaches Draya to try and smooth things over and the scene was just weird.  Jackie was caressing Draya's face and staring at her lovingly.  Can't nobody tell me that Jackie does not want a taste of Draya's crunchy taco.  It's beyond obvious at this point.

Laura "Forever a Fiancee" Govan meets up with BambiMoGumsThanTeef in the park.  Laura is trying to convince Bambi that she is not friends with Jackie and that she is not two faced.  This dude Bambi is not feeling it though.  The whole scene was pretty sad because Laura was practically begging for a hug, and friendship, from Bambi.  Laura, why would anyone want to be friends with someone who talks behind people's back all day? Think about that question and get back to me...

Malaysia "Library Voice" Pargo, Draya, and Teef meet up at Geisha House restaurant and they get right down to business.  Teef talks about her meeting with Laura and then the conversation goes back to Jackie of course.  Teef and Draya then make out right there in front of MayMay and zero panties got wet.  I would have paid money to NOT have witnessed that mess.

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Laura meets up with Jackie on a hike and there this trick Laura goes again smh.  Note to Laura: acting like you're Jackie's friend by spending time with her and giving her advice makes people think you're two faced when you then turn around and talk mess behind her back! Do you get it?!

Jackie and her prisoner  husband Doug are packing for a trip to Seattle to go visit their daughters and Jackie's deceased mother. I'm glad Jackie is planning to reminisce about her mother at her burial site rather than at a ratchet hood club this time.  Jackie then let's Doug know that the ladies are going to meet them in Seattle too.  Sooo, why are the ladies meeting Jackie's crazy behind in another state if they swear they can't stand her in California?

Laura throws a "mixology" event and Jackie shows up in some God awful pleather pink knee high boots and a trench coat. Isn't this the same lady that owns a fashion line? Why must she dress so boughetto? MayMay walks in and immediately has beef with Brooke and then this dude Bambi wanna stand his big body up like he's somebody's bodyguard.  I like Brooke and she didn't hold back on calling MayMay out on the obvious. May was trying to be funny by asking Brooke if her ex was going to be at the pool party last week and Brooke felt disrespected.  May and Brooke quickly make up and then Draya walks in dressed as Jackie Christie oh hayle no! LMAOOOO!!! MAN DOWN! CAN'T.BREAVE!

Jackie then walks off to the bathroom and warns everyone that she is going to come back dressed as Draya.  Jackie reenters the bar, drops her trenchcoat and exposes a pair of Spanx and an ill-fitted bra? I think? Lawddd...

How was that an imitation of Draya though? Lol. Impersonation gone wrong! I think that was Jackie's failed attempt at trying to entice Draya.  Jackie starts to get her feelings hurt and begins hurling insults at Draya and pulls her pepper spray out for unknown reasons.  Brooke warns Jackie not to point that spray in her direction and then all hell breaks loose.  The bartender runs for cover and before you can say "mannn, this show sucks!" editing cuts in and all you see is Brooke with a torn tank top strap and Jackie's one bundle of hair weave looking like a pile of wtf.

*Sigh* I'm so heated right now I don't know what to do. As if this show can't get any worse, they're gonna go and edit out the best fight of the entire series?! Really??! This is why nobody even watches this bootleg crap anymore!  If the producers are concerned about showing violence on t.v. then maybe they should just cancel this pile of bubbling hot shizz!

The rest of the episode was about Jackie and her family which nobody cares about but I'm LOL'ing at this old crazy bird even having beef with her own daughters. Something is wrong with this lady for real.

To be honest, I don't know if I'll be tuning in to next week's episode.  This show is a waste of my time and keystrokes.

What did you think of the episode and who do you think won the fight between Jackie and Brooke?


  1. Brooke mollywopped Jackie! They said they had to call an ambulance for her hahaha