Oct 23, 2012

Basketball Wives L.A. - Episode 7 Recap

Photo Courtesy of VH1.com

Malaysia "Library Voice" Pargo and Draya "Eternal Groupie" slide into a bar wearing the shortest short-sets my eyes have ever seen.  They were begging for yeast infections with those getups.  I thought things couldn't get any worse until two seconds later when Brooke Bailey prances in with her build-a-body. I promise I let out a "oh hayle naw!" as soon as that mess hit my television screen.

Am I the only person that is tired of seeing women with these manufactured hips and butts? This "trend" has gotten completely out of control.  Note to the ladies: looking like a Budweiser Clydesdale is not a good look. Stop it!!

The ladies discuss none other than Jackie "Lazarus" Christie and her wedding. Don't these birds get tired of having Jackie's name in their mouth? The scene cuts to Jackie and her prisoner husband Doug as they meet with their wedding officiator.  Jackie lets this poor man know that if someone short, with a pointy nose and big brown eyes (a.k.a. Draya) tries to get into the wedding that he should call security.  Am I the only one who thinks that Jackie wants a taste of Draya's t.v. dinner? I think the majority of Jackie's frustration comes from the fact that Draya is not attracted to Jackie and her peanut brittle lady parts.  Anywaytho, I digress...

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BambiBabyTeef and MayMay arrive at the wedding venue and Jackie can't believe they showed up.  Does Jackie have any friends other than her cast mates? MayMay and Teef are sitting in a back room talking smack about Laura and guess who walks through the door? Laura herself...looking a disheveled mess I might add...looking like she's on something... whispering all low like she's Malaysia.  Teef goes in on Laura about her relationship with Jackie.  *Sigh* If this Bambi dude don't sit down somewhere.  He's been on two episodes and is already giving out friendship advice? Boy, bye!

Next, it's time for what we've all been waiting for, Brooke's side boob Jackie and Doug's 17th vow renewal ceremony!

Laura comes out "dressed in drag".  Seriously, I don't even know what all that was about.  It didn't look like drag to me, it looked more like burlesque.  And this chick Laura had the nerve to wear control-top panty hose? For why? Doug was loving it though. Good for you Doug, get yourself a lil' thrill.

I know Jackie frequents my blog so hey Jackie girl *waves*, you looked nice at your wedding.  Your makeup looked fresh, your weave was laid and your dress was decent. Nice work. Jackie shows Doug her gay pride tattoo and he got turned on by it.  The scene was very odd and awkward and made absolutely no sense to me.

Draya, MayMay, Babyteef and Laura go hang gliding at the beach and none of them broads could even get off the ground.  I think those hydrogel booties were weighing them down.

Brooke plans on throwing a pool party and she is inviting all the ladies...including crazy Jackie.  MayMay invites BabyTeef as her guest in hopes for some ratchetness to go down since Teef used to "date" Brooke's ex-boyfriend.

The show ends with Draya walking into the pool party and Jackie Christie taking off her kitten heels and putting on some tennis shoes just in case something goes down.  Smh, I have never met an old broad as delusional as Jackie.

What did you think of this week's episode of Basketball Wives L.A.?


  1. I was surprised Jackie’s120th wedding ceremony went off without any problems. Her reaction to Laura’s outfit was comical, considering she revealed her underpants to photographers to show her new tattoo. This season of “Basketball Wives: LA” is more interesting to watch than the first season. Unfortunately, I will miss the upcoming episode because of my new work schedule at DISH. I set my Hopper to record the upcoming episode, and with all the DVR recording room available I will record the rest of the season. Next week looks to be a new showdown between Jackie and Brooke; I guess she really has no friends now.

    1. Yup, Jackie is causing problems with everyone! Her confrontation with Brooke looks like it's going to be good!

  2. why do these women talk to jackie shes a complete nut you girls are doing fine without her laura seek help do you listen to yourself when you do those talks doing the show you sound stupid you want to cause a fight all the time you just look stupid go home to your kifs

    1. Lol they have to interact with her since she's on the show but I'm sure they want zero parts of that nut outside of filming! And you're right about Laura, that girl is a mess!!!!