Tamar & Vince - Premier Party Photos

Our least favorite Braxton, Tamar.com, and her hubby Vince Herbet attended the premier party for their new WeTV show "Tamar & Vince" at Caulfield bar in New York City.

What is going on in that picture?  Toni someone is wrong for letting Tamar step out the house looking like this!  That lacefront, the #1 strands of kanekalone hair in the tragic bun, her face is Beyonce but her neck is Wesley Snipes, Vince's razor bumps and that Walmart shirt.  I thought these people had money? For why do they always look so ratchetly?

More photos after the jump

What do you think of Tamar and Vince's look?

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  1. no comment.. to much to look like a clown.. she has toooooo much makeup.. can u say TRANS u know what...