Sep 24, 2012

Real Housewives NJ - Season Finale, Teresa Goes Down in Flames

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Finally, our prayers have been answered!  The Real Housewives of New Jersey series has finally come to an end!  The season finale was full of lies, denial, deceit, and fake tans.

The last episode concluded with the end of the yearly Posche Fashion Show.  Melissa was called out as being a stripper and you know what, who really cares! If Melissa did something strange for a little change then that's between her and her God.  But the fact that Melissa was so defensive about the entire situation let's me know that she was busting it open wide at Lookers Gentleman's club.  

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Teresa could not win during the entire episode.  She was dragged for telling Melissa about Angelo talking to her at the salon, she was dragged for being the mastermind behind this "setup", she was dragged for Pete Giudice (Juicy Joe's brother) being in attendance at the fashion show, she was dragged for water being wet and for the sky being blue.  The other housewives clearly have a vendetta against Teresa and they won't be satisfied until Teresa is off of the show.

It is sad that Teresa has not been in contact with her brother since the Posche Fashion Show.  I hope Bravo Tv feels great about tearing this family apart for the sake of entertainment!


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