Sep 3, 2012

Real Housewives NJ - The Real Reason Why Caroline Manzo is Cranky

The Manozo family via Caroline's Twitter

On February 23rd, 2011, The Jersey housewives and their families took a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  The footage from the trip was shown on last season's Real Housewives of New Jersey series but one important clip got left on the editing room floor: the big Italian throw down in a bar inside of the Hardrock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana.

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The cast was enjoying their night out in the bar by dancing (off-beat I'm sure), Jersey turnpiking, and popping bottles.  Everythang was everythang until Teresa Giudice decided to open a bottle of champagne and spray it on partygoers. 

One of the unfortunate recipients of the champagne bath was the mother-in-law of Adolofo Arreola, a Chicago Police officer.  Allegedly, Teresa began to mock the old lady as she wiped the champagne from her eyes.  Adolofo approached Teresa and that's when her husband Juicy Joe stepped in.  Now you know, Juicy will call Tre every word cuss word in the book but don't let someone step to his wife.  Juicy don't play that!

A fight broke out between Juicy and Arreola and then Arreola's cousin Jason Gomez stepped in.  Next thing you know, Caroline's precious sons Albie and Christopher Manzo jump in and it turned into a rumble in the jungle.

Arreola must have forgotten that Teresa and them are from Paterson babyyyy because he and his cousin suffered a broken arm, a broken leg, blurred vision and lacerations to their bodies.  Juicy Joe, Christopher, Albie, and Albie's boyfriend Greg were arrested that night.  Bravo offered to pay the cousins $25,000 a piece to not press charges and to shut their traps but apparently, Arreola and Gomez knew that they could get some serious stacks by taking the case to court.

Caroline is upset because her sons, who clearly aren't about that life, stepped in to help someone who Caroline deems as trash.  Her sons then ended up getting arrested and they are now being sued by Arreola and Gomez.  Knowing Tre, she probably gives couldn't care less about the Manzo's getting arrested and we know that her hubby Juicy stays in jail so that's really not anything out of the ordinary for the Giudice family.  I kind of see where Caroline is coming from in this situation but hey, nobody told her sons to start cracking bottles over people's heads and breaking leg bones.  

You know Andy Cohen will not ask the ladies about the Punta Cana fight on this season's reunion special because Bravo will not speak about their own legal cases. But isn't it funny how they expect Teresa to talk about her family's legal problems on every episode?

Source: Radar Online


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