Sep 3, 2012

Love & Hip Hop - Why Are the Ladies Ashamed to Say They Get Butt Shots?

A picture from Karlie's Instagram

That picture is completely unaltered and Karlie Redd really thought it was cute to post it on her Instagram.

On last week's part one of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion special, executive producer Mona Scott-Young asked all of the ladies to talk about the plastic surgery that they've had.  Not that it's any of our business, but it is a valid fascination and the public demands to know whose body is made of plastic and Fix-a-Flat.

One by one, each of the ladies confirmed  teetee implants, veneers, and nose jobs but NO ONE admitted to getting butt shots or butt implants.  For why do they do this to us?!

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Even Hellen Keller can see that Joseline Hernandez, Karlie Redd and K. Michelle have had something done to their donkies.  Atlanta is known for butt injections so I'm sure the ladies had no problem finding a doctor to do the work.   I just don't see what they get out of admitting to getting a bunch of other work done but when it comes to the ass, no one wants to cop to it.

Is it because black women are known to have centaur booties and thus, admitting to getting your backside inflated is an embarrassment as a black woman? Are backside injections not as accepting to the public as a teetee job or liposuction? Do they think that transferring the fat from their stomach and injecting it into their bottoms is not considered plastic surgery? I need answers!

Be proud of your fake backsides, ladies.  You ain't fooling nobody any way!


  1. Whats going on with Karlie's donk in that picture?! LMBO!

    1. Looks like she's wearing a Booty Pop, huh? lol

    2. Looks like she's smuggling a grapefruit back there!!!!!!