Sep 2, 2012

Love & Hip Hop - Funky Dineva Interviews Mimi Faust Backstage at Reunion

Atlanta YouTube sensation Funky Dineva got the opportunity to interview Mimi Faust backstage during the Love & Hip Hop reunion special.

A few highlights from the short clip:

  • The first words out of Mimi's mouth are curse words (of course).  We don't call her Nasty Filthy Mouf Mimi for nothin!
  • Mimi can't seem to stop moving her body during the entire interview.  Would it have anything to do with this past post from my site?

More after the jump

  • Mimi thinks her two-year old daughter has no idea how much of a sleazebag her daddy Steebie is.
  • Mimi never runs into Joseline around town.
  • And last but not least, Mimi will not rule out a reconciliation between herself and her baby daddy Steebie smh.  Some things never change with Mimi.

Watch the video here on VH1.