Sep 16, 2012

Hollywood Exes - Snorefest Renewed for a Second Season

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VH1's lackluster series Hollywood Exes has been renewed for a second season and the world rejoices drifts into a deep sleep.  

All five boring trollops will return for the next season and they have added Daphne Wayans, ex-wife of  funny man Damon Wayans, to the cast.

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A photo of Damon and Daphne during happier times.

Acoording to Rhymes with Snitch, Damon and Daphne started dating in 1989, they got married in 2001, and Damon filed for divorce in 2003.  After their divorce was granted, Daphne was left with a multi-million dollar house, child support and 50% of Damon's production company. Dang, must be nice! Get money!

The second season is set to premier sometime in 2013.  Will you be watching?


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