Sep 2, 2012

Basketball Wives Miami - Evelyn Lozada Emerges from Her Cave

Photo Courtesy of Evelyn's Twitter

After 17 days of silence on her Twitter, Evelyn Lozada has finally resumed her twitter whoring by posting the following tweet:

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Soooo, you're first tweet is going to be a link to your website (where you're hawking your cheap ass Wet & Wild eyeshadow) with a link to your 2.5 second Nightline interview? Is this real life? 

I'm really not one to judge (really, I'm not) and I don't know what the "normal" protocol should be for someone who was just involved in a domestic dispute with their husband, just had their reality show cancelled, and just filed for divorce.  But what I do know is that I feel some kind of way about HOEvelyn promoting this interview like she's Rihanna and trying to sucker people into clicking on her website at the same damn time.  

If Ev really was in love with Chad, would she really be in such a hurry to give a sit down interview as if the world was waiting for her to speak? And what the hell happened to the alleged scar that's supposed to be on her forehead? I need answers and I need 'em now!

What did you think of the new soft-spoken Evelyn interview?


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