Sep 4, 2012

Basketball Wives - Chad Johnson Has Lost His Mind

Photo Courtesy of TMZ

In some not so surprising news, Chad "Ashy Knuckles" Johnson has proved that once again, he has a couple of screws missing.  Somebody page Doctor Phil please.

The unemployed football player who got fired from his latest reality show and has lost most of his endorsements, has revealed a brand new tattoo on his leg.  The tattoo is a picture of the world's most lovable reality star, Evelyn Lozada.

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Chad wanted Evelyn to know just how much he loves her so instead of going out and buying a dozen  red roses like most men would do, this doodle bird got Evelyn's fivehead tatted on his leg with the words "Eve" right  below it.  I'm gonna need Chad to stop wasting his money on mess like this while there's a jumpoff in Miami that is struggling to pay her rent.  Get your priorities in order, Chad!

Sources tell TMZ that Evelyn is too through with Chad and there's no hope for a reconciliation.  She still plans on going through with the divorce.  You know when the checks stop coming in, Ev does the bankhead bounce right on out the door.

Here's to hoping the tattoo is fake! Here's a better shot of the artwork:

What do you think of Chad's new tattoo?


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