Sep 19, 2012

Basketball Wives - Chad & Evelyn's Divorce is Final

Well, we have some very sad news to report.  According to TMZ, the marriage between Chad "Chile Please" Johnson and Evelyn "You Got Me in Stitches" Lozada is over and done with.


A Florida judge signed off on the divorce this morning and although Chad has been attempting to get Evelyn's attention by tattooing her face on his ashy leg, Evelyn claims that the marriage is over and it has been "irretrievably broken".

Can someone call the Guinness Book of World Records and get Chad put on for being the first man to get married, arrested, fired and divorced all in the duration of one summer? And how did these two  get their divorced granted so quickly while Kim Kartrashcan and Kris Humphries divorce is still pending? This ain't right!

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I hope this whole bucket of tomfoolery is a lesson learned for some of these athletes and celebrities that want to play with the sanctity of marriage.  Your whole livelihood and career can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye over your need for atention.  Evelyn knew she was the last nibblet of pizza crust so she was trying so hard to hold on to something that just wasn't right to begin with.  And Chad, can you please stop chasing after these exotical pelicans like your life depends on it? I know you're not all there in the head but you have gotta be smarter when dealing with women who are "about that life" and have been around the block more than a Metro bus.  

I'm gonna pray for both of them though and here's to hoping we never have to see Evelyn's E.T. phone home alien dome on our television screens ever again.