Aug 27, 2012

Real Housewives NJ - What in the Whodikkery Did I Just Watch?

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Did I really just spend an hour of my life watching Teresa Giudice and Caroline "Sideshow Bob" Manzo argue about a cookbook? This cannot be real life.  I know the show is all about drama and conflict but is it possible for the editing crew to pick a new topic aside from Teresa versus The World? This story line is dirty, it's stankin, it wanna come up for air!

So what if Teresa sells stories? So what if she is talking about the Manzos in the tabloids? The Manzos don't like her any way so what's the problem?  I wish they would let Teresa be great and let her make that cash! Ughhhh, I just wish Teresa could form a complete and articulate sentence so she could verbally slay all of theim! Put a paw on them bitches, Tre! Throw a glass! Do somethin'!

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Caroline is just mad for no reason!  How many times does Teresa need to say she's sorry? But a million "I'm sorries" won't appease Caroline because she doesn't want to forgive Teresa, she just wants to find any reason to get her out of her life.

Watching Teresa get ganged up on in every episode is tired and weak.  I hope that Andy Cohen shakes up the cast next season.  PLEASE get rid of the Manzos.  Jacqueline can stay (but only because I can't take my eyes off of that fine husband of hers). Kathy can kick rocks, I always forget she's even a part of the cast.  Melissa can stay (I guess) as long as they never ever ever show another clip of her singing in auto tune.

Bravo needs to bring in someone new who is not a blood relative, and someone who has some real money.  Let's get the Housewives series back to what it used to be about: ridiculously rich women spending their husband's money without a care in the world! Enough with all this bickering!

What do you think about this season of the Jersey Housewives? Are you tired of seeing Teresa get dragged every episode?


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