Aug 22, 2012

Real Housewives NJ - Jacqueline Laurita's Son Has Autism

Sorry for the old photo.  Courtesy of Jacqueline's Twitter

Well, in sad reality t.v. news, Jacqueline Laurita of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has shared some heartbreaking news with People Magazine.  

Photo courtesy of Jacqueline's Twitter.

After her son Nicholas' speech regressed and he stopped responding to his name being called, Jacqueline and her fine husband Chris took him to a specialist to get some test ran. After an agonizing wait, the results came back that little Nicholas had autism.

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Jacqueline was devastated by the news but is determined to finding any way possible to help her son have the best life he can possibly have.

Jacqueline famously shared her troubles with conceiving on season two of the Real Housewives.  After fertility treatments, and numerous miscarriages, she finally got pregnant with Nicholas.  Nicholas is Jacqueline's third and youngest child.


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