Aug 27, 2012

Real Housewives NJ - E-thugs Leave Caroline's Book Tags fo' Dead!

Caroline Manzo, in an attempt to one-up Teresa Giudice, is coming out with a book that no one will read entitled, "Let Me Tell You Something: Life as a Real Housewife, Tough-Love Mother, and Street-Smart Businesswoman".

The book hasn't even hit bookshelves yet but the e-thugs are wrecking havoc on Caroline's Amazon product page!

More after the jump has a feature where you can add "tags" to a product so that other users of Amazon can easily find the products that they are searching for.  Welp, I took a look at Caroline's tags and almost peed my pants!

"Bully", "bitter clown" and "olive garden cook" are just a few of the tags.  It looks like the tides are changing for Mrs. Manzo!  Do you think Caroline will blame Teresa for these tags? LOL

What do you think about Caroline writing a book? Will you be purchasing it?


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