Aug 19, 2012

Love & Hip Hop - Rasheeda Is Ready to Get Shook

Photo Courtesy of Rasheeda's Twitter

Someone please!

In a ploy to keep her spot on the popular Love & Hip Hop ATL series, Rasheeda has taken to her Instagram to type out a novel reply to K.Michelle about her allegations of abuse. 

If you don't remember (or simply don't care), K. Michelle has accused her ex-boyfriend Memphitz of abusing her in the past.  Rasheeda is very good friends with Memphitz and his wife Toya Wright and she isn't too happy about K.Michelle dragging her friends' names through the mud.  Here is Rasheeda's response via her Instagram:

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Here is my reply! I find it real sad how this desperate rat Fake.Michelle can’t keep my name out her mouth. It’s sad how a person wants sympathy but every word & gesture out of her mouth is slapping a b- and whooping a b- a-. First, when you see Toya you gone slap her on site (YEAH RIGHT), then you threaten to whoop Kandi a- but when you seen her at the hair salon you was quiet as a mouse. Now, today u have another interview out claiming your only regret was you wish you would of slapped the s- outta me & hit me with a 1/2 punch. That alone should make people question your character. All of our careers Me, Kandi & Toya we have been nothing but positive women to the public. Everything you say is violent. You keep preaching about being abused but threatening to abuse others. You hit Karlie in the head with some silverware, she should of pressed charges against your a-. But my point here is, we are witnessing you physically & verbally abusing several women via interviews, blogs & twitter bullying and it’s a sad ass shame for someone who is claiming to be a victim. You’re playing the public trying to make them think you were abused but we know that story has a lot of holes in it. So, the police came to the hotel and seen you beat & abused like you telling the world and didn't lock up a black man in Memphis, TN???? B- please, where they do that at! You claiming you didn't want to press no charges, but they would of took that into there own hands by law. Its a shame you trying to sell this old a- story but keep threatening to hurt others in the process. The sad part is the media & the fans have to wait and continue to watch you self-destruct while everybody else already know the truth about you. Sorry ya'll! As far as any woman who has been a victim of domestic violence my heart goes out to you all and I wish you nothing but the best but this chick right here is a F- FRAUD!!

*Sigh* Rasheeda, aren't you a Grandmother? Why and when did you have the time to type this?  I'm still trying to figure out why you're even inserting yourself into this mess.  I know Memphitz is your friend but let him fight his own battles.  You need to worry about why you've been in the game since 1990 and still haven't blown up. Go book some studio time or something.  You bore me.

I'm just going to sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn and a glass of Pinot Grigio and wait for this to blow up all the way in Rasheeda's face.

What do you think? Do you think Rasheeda was wrong for getting involved in this situation or does she have the right to stand up for her friends?