Aug 20, 2012

Love & Hip Hop - Karlie Redd Thinks We're All Dumb

Photo Courtesy of Karlie Redd's Twitter

Karlie Redd continues to prove how basic she is.  

Remember the article I wrote about people making edits and leaving Karlie's Wikipedia page fo' dead?  Some e-thugs thought it would be funny to change Karlie's age, occupation, and early childhood history etc...and in that order.  Well, Karlie has made an official announcement via her Twitter page:

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Karlie, Karlie, Karlie smh.  Let me tell you something, a REAL artist would not be playing around on their Wikipedia page for shits and giggles.  A REAL artist would maintain the integrity of their brand by protecting their name as an artist.  But I don't expect someone whose boyfriend looks like a chicken nugget to understand that.  

What do y'all think? Is Karlie really responsible for the edits on her page? 


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