Aug 2, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Episode 8 Sneak Peek - Three's Company?

Mimi and Creepy J. take their super adorable daughter to the park for some family time.  Mimi asks Stevie to devote more time to their family. Did Mimi forget that Stevie has like four other children (and allegedly one on the way) that need his time as well? Mimi's logic continues to baffle me. Stevie wants Joseline to join in on their couple's counseling and Mimi agrees to think about it. Lawd, Mimi. Girl, why? If Stevie wants Joseline to join, it's only because he wants you guys to make up, peacefully share him, and eat each other's tacos.  Don't be so gullible, Mimi. I'm sure this is how you got yourself into this fucked up situation with Master Splinter to begin with.

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Karlie "Bottle of Vinegar" Redd meets up with Joseline and her coochie cutters to discuss their upcoming collaboration.  Joseline drops a bomb on Karlie and lets her know that Stevie is no longer her manager so there will be no Spanglish version of "Louis, Prada, Gucci" happening anytime soon.  Karlie, obviously assuming that she and Joseline are friends, spills the secret about her new relationship with Benzino "Head and Shoulders".  Karlie, with thoughts of Benzino's lack of a neck, giggles like a 48 year-old school girl and Joseline tells her she better treat Benzino right!

Lil Scrappy invites Shay "Buckee" Johnson to the studio. Shay gyrates to one of Scrappy's ratchet tracks while wearing a long-sleeved onesie.  Rasheeda stops by looking beautiful as always and the three of them proceed to have a conversation that even God couldn't translate. Can VH1 use subtitles whenever Scrappy's involved in any scene? K, thanks. Shay gives Scrappy a big smooch on the lips before she walks out and Rasheeda is confused. She tells Scrappy that Erica was crying over him the other day.  Scrappy explains how he wants to see Erica cry to know that she cares. Scrappy, just stop. You know your relationship with Erica is dead and gone so why do you care if she shows emotions towards you or not?

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