Aug 10, 2012

Love & Hip Hop ATL - K. Michelle's "Stop the Violence Against Women" PSA

Love & Hip Hop's K. Michelle is finally putting that loud mouth of hers to good use.  

After sharing her story of abuse on the show, K has partnered up with the 'Stop the Violence Against Women' campaign.

The campaign was started to raise funds and provide resources to young teens and younger adults with self worth issues. The campaign also aims to give the youth an outlet to share their experiences while encouraging them to be confident in themselves.

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In the PSA, a bruised K dressed in a wedding dress (some explain the wedding dress to me, please) states:

I AM HERE… To help a young mother learn to love herself first

I AM HERE… To help take the power away from date abuse….

I AM HERE…To help take the power away from violence against women…

I AM HERE … To help take the power away from all esteem slayers!

I AM HERE…To YELL Confidence!

YELL Confidence with me by supporting Saving Our Daughters’ programs to help teens lead their lives with purpose and confidence.

Hmm...K is here to help take the power away from violence against women? Isn't this the same chick that tried to lay paws on Karlie Redd and has threatened Toya Wright? Pot, meet kettle!


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