Aug 10, 2012

Love & Hip Hop ATL - K. Michelle & Toya Wright Can't Stop, Won't Stop!

Well, well, well.  Look what we have here.  Another shitstorm is headed our way!

K. Michelle and Toya Wright (the wife of K. Michelle's ex-boyfriend, Memphitz) are at it again! Toya has officially stood up for her husband and has snatched K's wig in the process.  In the video link from Vlad TV, Toya talks about how she is sick and tired of K's claims of domestic violence and she wants to see proof that her husband, Memphitz, ever put his hands on K! Toya thinks K is doing way too much talking and she needs to put her money where her mouth is.  Apparently, Toya will not be satisfied until she sees pictures of K with a busted eye and a handful of yaki weave laying on the floor.

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Toya then goes on to make a claim that "everyone" has abused K. Michelle and implied that K deserved the abuse because she is crazy and schizo. Oh, lawdy. Toya also accuses K of losing custody of her son (as if that has anything to do with a domestic violence situation).

K, never one to back down,  took to her Twitter to set it off and let everyone know that she's from Memphis, baby and she don't play that.  Toya has yet to respond directly to K but I have a feeling these two will be running into each other soon.  Who's your money on? K. Michelle or Toya Wright?

Here's a link to the video interview where Toya tells K. Michelle to shut up or show the proof of abuse!

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