Aug 11, 2012

Basketball Wives - Chad Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence

Chad Johnson's mugshot courtesy of Broward Sheriff's Office

Six weeks after getting married to reality t.v. star Evelyn Lozada, Miami Dolphin's Chad Johnson has been locked up! Wooo, woooo, that's the sound of da police!

According to reports, the couple went out to dinner and when they got home, Evelyn found a receipt for a box of condoms in their car.  Wait a minute, didn't Evelyn say it was okay for Chad to dip his doodledoo in other women as long as he used condoms? Did she really think that a fake wedding would make him change his ways? You CANNOT be that gullible, Evelyn! Any way, I digress...

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An artist's rendition of Evelyn's injuries. 

Evelyn questioned Chad's dusty ass about the receipt and a fight ensued. In the midst of their argument, Chad headbutted Evelyn.  What in the Jackie Chan hayle??!! She ended up with a laceration on her fivehead that needs stitches.

Their neighbor called 9-1-1 and Chad told the cops that he and Evelyn were just play fighting and they accidentally butted heads *sigh*.  That's the best you could come up with, Chad? The cops didn't believe his story either and carted him off to jail.  He'll have to stay locked up until his bail hearing which is schedule for Monday.  Welp, it's gonna be a longgg weekend for Chad!

Chad and Evelyn recently wrapped the filming of their new VH1 reality show that chronicles their wedding planning and walk down the aisle (the couple married on July 4th, 2012).  

Somewhere, Jennifer Williams is sipping a glass of Moscato and laughing.

Do you hear that sound, Chad? That's the sound of your NFL career ending! 


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