Aug 27, 2012

Basketball Wives - Chad Johnson, Who These Women?

In another episode in unemployed football player Chad "Short Bus Shawty" Johnson's life, Radar Online is reporting that Chad had multiple jumpoffs before and during his short-lived faux marriage to Evelyn Lozada.  

In not so surprising news, Chad's method for hitting on ladies is Twitter of course!  Evelyn and Chad connected from Twitter so I'm not surprised that Chad uses the social networking site to get his groupie scavenger hunt on!

Beverly Shiner was the first twitterbird to come forward and confess to having an affair with Chad.  I'm not too sure I believe her story.  She looks a little nutty and sorry to say, but this thing does NOT look like Chad's type of woman.  I refuse...

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A Photo of Beverly Shiner Courtesy of Radar Online

The second lady to crawl out of Chad's closet of lies and wandering 'D' chronicles was Amber Priddy, a stripper from Atlanta.  Chad was allegedly paying for Amber's condo and when he got cut from the Miami Dolphins, Amber could no longer pay the bills and she has lost her home!  Dang dawg, sounds like a case of when been a groupie goes terribly wrong!  On the day of Chad and Evelyn's wedding, Amber allegedly tweeted "U can marry him but he's still mine!" What in the sidepiece hayle is going on here? Why are women squabbling over Chad "Jaundice Eyes" Johnson? The thirst is extraordinary.

A Photo of Amber Priddy Courtesy of Taletela

And last but not least, Bianca Zuluaga is the third mistress in Chad's harem.  Bianca has been tweeting about how much she loves "chocolate" (her code name for black original), something about riding in a Smart Car (Evelyn bought Chad the Smart Car that he headbutted her in), and on the day of the alleged domestic abuse, Bianca tweeted that she needed to make sure that she cleaned all of the receipts out of her car (Chad and Evelyn infamously fought over a receipt for condoms).

Photo Courtesy of Bianca Zuluaga's Twitter

Is Chad on his way to having more jumpoffs than Tiger Woods? I wonder how many additional women will step forward? Welp, I will be right here waiting for this mess.  Bring it!


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