Aug 31, 2012

Music Intermission!

It's Friday, y'all!

Enjoy this music intermission.

Rick Ross - "Diced Pineapples"

Aug 28, 2012

Love & Hip Hop - Mimi Got a Big Nasty Filthy Mouth

Jermaine Dupri (where did they find him at?) gets Mimi to eloquently talk about what it's like to be cheated on and disrespected by Stevie J on national television.  I tried to give a synopsis of the video but honestly, I don't know what this skittle-brained bird is talking about.  You just gotta watch for yourself.

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Love & Hip Hop - Karlie Redd's Daughter Is Revealed

Last night on the Love & Hip Hop reunion show, K. "That Man Beat My Ass" Michelle accused Karlie "Bottle of Vinegar" Redd of having a daughter.  Well, Bossip has done some digging and a photo of Karlie's daughter has been revealed.

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Aug 27, 2012

Basketball Wives - Chad Johnson, Who These Women?

In another episode in unemployed football player Chad "Short Bus Shawty" Johnson's life, Radar Online is reporting that Chad had multiple jumpoffs before and during his short-lived faux marriage to Evelyn Lozada.  

In not so surprising news, Chad's method for hitting on ladies is Twitter of course!  Evelyn and Chad connected from Twitter so I'm not surprised that Chad uses the social networking site to get his groupie scavenger hunt on!

Beverly Shiner was the first twitterbird to come forward and confess to having an affair with Chad.  I'm not too sure I believe her story.  She looks a little nutty and sorry to say, but this thing does NOT look like Chad's type of woman.  I refuse...

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Real Housewives NJ - E-thugs Leave Caroline's Book Tags fo' Dead!

Caroline Manzo, in an attempt to one-up Teresa Giudice, is coming out with a book that no one will read entitled, "Let Me Tell You Something: Life as a Real Housewife, Tough-Love Mother, and Street-Smart Businesswoman".

The book hasn't even hit bookshelves yet but the e-thugs are wrecking havoc on Caroline's Amazon product page!

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Real Housewives NJ - What in the Whodikkery Did I Just Watch?

Photo Courtesy of

Did I really just spend an hour of my life watching Teresa Giudice and Caroline "Sideshow Bob" Manzo argue about a cookbook? This cannot be real life.  I know the show is all about drama and conflict but is it possible for the editing crew to pick a new topic aside from Teresa versus The World? This story line is dirty, it's stankin, it wanna come up for air!

So what if Teresa sells stories? So what if she is talking about the Manzos in the tabloids? The Manzos don't like her any way so what's the problem?  I wish they would let Teresa be great and let her make that cash! Ughhhh, I just wish Teresa could form a complete and articulate sentence so she could verbally slay all of theim! Put a paw on them bitches, Tre! Throw a glass! Do somethin'!

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Aug 25, 2012

A Very Special Music Intermission

Eleven years ago today, Aaliyah Dana Haughton passed away in a plane crash off the coast of The Bahamas.  Her legacy still lives on in her music.

Aaliyah would have been 33 years-old today.

Rest in peace, babygirl.  We miss you!

This Week in Pictures - August 19th - 25th, 2012

Enjoy these pictures from your favorite reality stars!

RHONJ's Melissa Gorga celebrates her husband Joe's birthday with their children Gino, Joey and Antonia. 8/21

L&HHATL's Shay "Buckee" Johnson hosts a party at a club.  8/22

Hollywood Exes' Nicole "Illest Bitch Alive" Murphy werks a Camille Flawless gown.  8/19

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Aug 24, 2012

Real Housewives NJ - Teresa and Juicy Joe's Farce of a Marriage

Photo Courtesy of Teresa's Twitter

Sunday night's episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey continued with the Lauritas, Manzos, Giudices and Gorga's wine tasting trip.  The crew visited a vineyard and after their wine tour, they celebrated Caroline "Menopause" Manzo's 70th 50th birthday.  In the middle of lunch, Juicy Joe, Teresa's husband, left the table to "call his work".  Juicy, the world's worst liar, was clearly talking to a woman.  Teresa, knew something was up, and ran up to Juicy to ask him who he was talking to.  When Juicy saw Teresa approaching, he told the woman on the other end of the line, "Here comes my b- wife, she's such a c-" And he quickly hung up the phone.

As a lover of the Jersey Housewives' series, I was bothered by the scene and super embarrassed for Teresa.  Juicy is slanging that d- elsewhere and Teresa HAS to know what's going on but she just chooses to ignore it.  For real though, if my unemployed, disrespectful, no car driving, 275 Fico credit score husband was giving the goods to someone else, I would have him sitting up on an episode of Divorce Court with the quickness!  But Teresa has four young daughters and an image she is trying to hold on to.  I can't fault her for staying but when is enough enough?

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Love & Hip Hop - Kimbella & Yandy Party with Their Men

Photo Courtesy of Kimbella's Twitter

Kimbella's holding on tight to that thang aint she?!

Love & Hip Hop NY's Kimbella Vanderhee and Yandy Smith hit up a baby mama convention La Marina in NYC on Sunday night.  Yandy brought her baby daddy Mandeecees and Kimbella was boo'd up with her man, Juelz Santana.

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It's Friday, y'all!

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Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank)

Aug 22, 2012

Real Housewives NJ - Jacqueline Laurita's Son Has Autism

Sorry for the old photo.  Courtesy of Jacqueline's Twitter

Well, in sad reality t.v. news, Jacqueline Laurita of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has shared some heartbreaking news with People Magazine.  

Photo courtesy of Jacqueline's Twitter.

After her son Nicholas' speech regressed and he stopped responding to his name being called, Jacqueline and her fine husband Chris took him to a specialist to get some test ran. After an agonizing wait, the results came back that little Nicholas had autism.

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Real Housewives ATL - NeNe Leakes is a Grandmother!

Photo Courtesy of InTouch

Aww, isn't she lovely!

Remember the rumor about NeNe Leakes' son Bryson getting some chick pregnant?  NeNe even went on the Wendy Williams show and lied dispelled the rumor.  Well lookie here, the rumor was true!  Bryson's girlfriend, Ashley Hill, gave birth to their daughter Bri'asia (what the flip mayne?) two months ago!  I wonder why they waited so long to share the news? They must have just gotten the results of the paternity test.  Anywaydoe...

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Thank You!

My little hobby has turned into something I could never even imagine!  Thanks to all of my readers for making my blog so successful!

I'm worldwide y'all!

Aug 21, 2012

Love & Hip Hop - The Finale

*Cues Boyz II Men's "End of the Road"*

Our favorite hood novela has come to an end! I laughed, I cried, I shrieked, I hollered, I flinched, I grimaced.  But at the end of the day, I must say, Love & Hip Hop ATL is the best show everrrr! Thank you Mona for bringing this ghetto guilty pleasure into our lives!

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Aug 20, 2012

Love & Hip Hop - Karlie Redd Thinks We're All Dumb

Photo Courtesy of Karlie Redd's Twitter

Karlie Redd continues to prove how basic she is.  

Remember the article I wrote about people making edits and leaving Karlie's Wikipedia page fo' dead?  Some e-thugs thought it would be funny to change Karlie's age, occupation, and early childhood history etc...and in that order.  Well, Karlie has made an official announcement via her Twitter page:

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Love & Hip Hop ATL - Episode 10 Smoke & Mirrors Sneak Peek

Another week, another dose of fukkery!

Lil' Scrappy and Erica have yet another conversation about their relationship.  Erica tells Scrappy she doesn't want to pursue anything with him and they should focus on raising their daughter.  Scrappy looks shocked (like he really didn't see this coming?) but they agree to move on.

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Aug 19, 2012

Love & Hip Hop - Rasheeda Is Ready to Get Shook

Photo Courtesy of Rasheeda's Twitter

Someone please!

In a ploy to keep her spot on the popular Love & Hip Hop ATL series, Rasheeda has taken to her Instagram to type out a novel reply to K.Michelle about her allegations of abuse. 

If you don't remember (or simply don't care), K. Michelle has accused her ex-boyfriend Memphitz of abusing her in the past.  Rasheeda is very good friends with Memphitz and his wife Toya Wright and she isn't too happy about K.Michelle dragging her friends' names through the mud.  Here is Rasheeda's response via her Instagram:

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Aug 18, 2012

Basketball Wives - Evelyn Lozada Backs Out of Public Appearances

According to TMZ, Basketball Wives star Evelyn "Last Slice of Pizza" Lozada is not ready to show that gash on her forehead face the public following the domestic abuse and breakup of her marriage to Chad "Ashy Knuckles" Johnson.  Evelyn has cancelled all future upcoming gigs because she is not ready to deal with the questions the public will ask.  

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This Week in Pictures - August 12th-18th, 2012

Enjoy these pictures from your favorite reality stars!

L&HHATL's Shay "Buckee" Johnson and Ron Devoe of Bell Biv Devoe hang out at a pool party.  8/12

L&HHATL's Mama Dee, Lil' Scrappy, Erica Dixon and their daughter Emani hit up a red carpet event.  8/12

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Aug 17, 2012

Music Intermission!

It's Friday, y'all!

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Future - "Itchin"

Aug 16, 2012

Love & Hip Hop ATL - Karlie Redd & Benzino's Relationship Still Going Strong...I Think?

Photo courtesy of Karlie's Twitter

They both look slow in that picture.

Karlie "Tropical Bird" Redd tweeted this photo on August 14th, 2012 to let the world know that she and Benzino  are still going strong.

Benzino recently spoke to RapFix Live about how real their relationship is:

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Love & Hip Hop ATL - Mama Dee Hustling Real Hard on Twitter

Photo Courtesy of Mama Dee's Twitter

Mama Dee is trying to hold on to her fifteen minutes of fame by hawking some "And In That Order" t-shirts and acting as her own manager on Twitter to get some additional television shine:

Oh, the thirst!  

Wendy Williams and Diddy have yet to respond to her request.  I would love to see Mama Dee on Wendy's show though.  Could you imagine the utter ratchetness that would ensue? 

Love & Hip Hop NY - Emily Bustamante Looks...Different

Emily's "Before" Picture

Emily's "After" Picture

Something is off with Emily "Fab Don't Claim Me" Bustamante's face but I can't put my finger on it.  Botox? Fillers? Plastic Surgery? It's not weight loss because she's still fat thick in her recent photos.

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Aug 15, 2012

Real Housewives - Kim Zolciak-Biermann Gives Birth

Photo Courtesy of Kim Zolciak-Biermann's Twitter

For anyone who cares, Kim Zolciak-Biermann has just popped another baby out of her worn and weathered cookadoodle.  Kim and her husband Kroy welcomed their new son Kash Kade into the world this evening.  Kroy shared the news on his Twitter:

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Basketball Wives - Chad Johnson Gets His Pink Slip on National T.V.

Oh, the embarrassment!

HBO's documentary series "Hard Knocks" kicked off the second episode by taking a peak into Coach Philbin's office as he gave Chad Johnson his walking papers.

Chad slow strolls into the office looking a little disorientated and with a look of sadness on his face.  Philbin wasted no time getting straight to business to let Chad know he wasn't a good fit and his time with the Miami Dolphins is ovah.

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Aug 14, 2012

Basketball Wives Miami- Evelyn Lozada Files for Divorce

According to, Evelyn Lozada has just filed for divorce from her husband of six weeks, Chad Johnson.  Looks like she beat Chad to the punch *no pun intended*

Evelyn filed the legal documents in Florida this afternoon and claims that the marriage is "irretrievably broken". Yeah, you think?

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Worst Week Ever - Chad Johnson & Evelyn Lozada

They say that bad things happen in threes, and this week keeps going down the toilet for Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada.

After being arrested for domestic violence, Chad was told by the judge that he could not have any contact with his new bride, Evelyn.  A gossip blog is reporting that the marriage between Chad and Evelyn is in fact legal and Chad is planning on filing an annulment this week. Does this mean Evelyn has to move back into the apartment she shared with a roommate in Miami?  The gossip source also alleges that Chad will be looking for a new NFL team to give him a contract.  *Sigh* Give it up, honey.  Just retire and fade to black.  You have embarrassed yourself enough!

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Aug 13, 2012

Basketball Wives - Chad Johnson Aint About that NFL Life!

When it rains, it pours!

One day after Chad was arrested on domestic assault charges, the Miami Dolphins are telling Chad to pack his bags and kick rocks! 

Chad, who was on a "one strike" rule with the team to begin with, was bound to get cut any way. But that Jackie Chan head butt sealed his fate as Dolphin team employees cleaned out his locker and confiscated his playbook yesterday evening.

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Aug 11, 2012

Basketball Wives - Chad Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence

Chad Johnson's mugshot courtesy of Broward Sheriff's Office

Six weeks after getting married to reality t.v. star Evelyn Lozada, Miami Dolphin's Chad Johnson has been locked up! Wooo, woooo, that's the sound of da police!

According to reports, the couple went out to dinner and when they got home, Evelyn found a receipt for a box of condoms in their car.  Wait a minute, didn't Evelyn say it was okay for Chad to dip his doodledoo in other women as long as he used condoms? Did she really think that a fake wedding would make him change his ways? You CANNOT be that gullible, Evelyn! Any way, I digress...

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*UPDATED* The Bravo TV Relationship Curse: Real Housewives' Marriages That Have Ended in Divorce

Bravo TV: Killing relationships since 2006!

It took me about two weeks to compile this list of all of the marriages from the Real Housewives that have ended in divorce. I like to call this, the Bravo TV Relationship Curse!

This list does not include couples that were never legally married nor does it include couples that are currently legally separated.  Enjoy!


Tamara Barney and Simon Barney divorce

After eleven years and three children together, Simon and Tamra threw in the towel on their "traditional" marriage.  Simon was the alpha male in this relationship and he wanted Tamra to take on the submissive wife role.  Well, you can take the girl out of the trailer park but....well, you know the rest!

Simon and Tamra have both gone their separate ways with Simon shacking up with a younger and hotter version of Tamara while Tamra is now engaged to Eddie Judge who is definitely NOT a homosexual.


Jeana and Matt Keough divorce

I could not find a picture of Jeana and Matt together to save my life.  So Jeana's old Bravo TV promo pic and Matt's DUI mugshot will have to do!

Matt was pretty much nonexistent when the Real Housewives of Orange County made its debut in 2006.  He was a walking sack of potatoes, according to Jeana, after he was hit in the head by a baseball during a major league game and suffered extensive brain damage.  Jeana and Matt lived separate lives under the same roof as they raised their three children (Shane, Kara and Colton) together.  Eventually, enough was enough for Jeana and she filed for divorce.  Jeana famously stated that she and Matt got married for all the wrong reasons (physical attraction).  I mean, who wouldn't be attracted to Matt? So seksi!

Love & Hip Hop ATL - Benzino Confirms the Show is Scripted!

Mona Scott-Young, the executive producer for VH1's Love & Hip Hop series, wants us all to believe that the show is unscripted.  Someone needs to give Mona the memo that Benzino "Head and Shoulders" has let the cat out of the bag!

After putting out an Amber Alert for his neck, Benzino appeared on "RapFix Live" to talk about how he initially met Karlie "Senior Citizen" Redd, and how he got pulled into the ratchetness of this show.

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This Week in Pictures August 5th-11th, 2012

Enjoy these pictures from your favorite reality stars!

Laura Govan of BBWLA (in the middle) her water balloons and friends enjoy a night out.  Please burn that American Apparel black bodysuit! 8/5

Gloria Govan (BBWLA) and a friend hit up the club. 8/5

Teresa Giudice (RHONJ) shares a picture of bad ass Milania on her Twitter. 8/6

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Aug 10, 2012

Love & Hip Hop ATL - Erica and Lil' Scrappy are Engaged?

Photo Courtesy of Erica's Twitter

Dem paws must be magically delicious because word on the streets is Erica Dixon and Lil' Scrappy are living together (again) and Scrappy proposed to her!

Mama Dee is NOT amused

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Love & Hip Hop - Kimbella Vanderhee Wants Y'all to Know....

Photo courtesy of Kimbella's Twitter 

Kimbella "Still Look Pretty" Vanderhee wants everyone to know that she's still as thirsty as ever.

The twenty-eight year old mother of three took to her Twitter to let all of her followers know that after giving birth to her daughter two weeks ago, she "still got it".  Whatever "it" may be.  Kimbella is also giving exercise advice and she is already working out to get her body back into tip top shape.

There are so many things wrong with this picture.  Where do I even begin?

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Love & Hip Hop ATL - K. Michelle's "Stop the Violence Against Women" PSA

Love & Hip Hop's K. Michelle is finally putting that loud mouth of hers to good use.  

After sharing her story of abuse on the show, K has partnered up with the 'Stop the Violence Against Women' campaign.

The campaign was started to raise funds and provide resources to young teens and younger adults with self worth issues. The campaign also aims to give the youth an outlet to share their experiences while encouraging them to be confident in themselves.

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Love & Hip Hop ATL - K. Michelle & Toya Wright Can't Stop, Won't Stop!

Well, well, well.  Look what we have here.  Another shitstorm is headed our way!

K. Michelle and Toya Wright (the wife of K. Michelle's ex-boyfriend, Memphitz) are at it again! Toya has officially stood up for her husband and has snatched K's wig in the process.  In the video link from Vlad TV, Toya talks about how she is sick and tired of K's claims of domestic violence and she wants to see proof that her husband, Memphitz, ever put his hands on K! Toya thinks K is doing way too much talking and she needs to put her money where her mouth is.  Apparently, Toya will not be satisfied until she sees pictures of K with a busted eye and a handful of yaki weave laying on the floor.

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Love & Hip Hop ATL - Cartoon Spoof!

Check out the cartoon spoof above and prepare to LOL!

Aug 8, 2012

Love & Hip Hop ATL - Season 2 Confirmed!

Photo Courtesy of VH1

Oh hayle yeahhhh!! Love & Hip Hop ATL has been picked up for a second season by VH1.  Season 2 will start filming this fall and is scheduled to premiere in January 2013. But, not everyone will be coming back for more of this ratchet fukkery.

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Aug 6, 2012

Love & Hip Hop's Karlie Redd Spreads Lies, Fairy Tales and Fallacies on Her New Wikipedia Page

Karlie "Louis, Prada, Gucci" Redd is finally getting K. Michelle the haters to simmer down by creating her own Wikipedia page.

The problem is that Karlie is a lying fool if she wants people to believe she was born in 1982.  Karlie, girl, that must have been a typo.  Did you mean to type 1928? I know you remember when JFK was shot, stop playin'!

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Love & Hip Hop's Mimi Faust was a Video Vixen

Mimi Faust (and her strong jawline) was getting her video vixen thang on in Pharrel's 2003 hit "Frontin".  Fast forward to the 2:15 mark to see Mimi shaking that thang!  I even think Stevie J. makes an appearance with a creepy mustache at the 3:10 mark.