Jul 31, 2012

Love & Hip Hop's K. Michelle Tells Toya Wright to Shut the F*ck Up!

It's so cold in the 'A'!

K. Michelle, Creepy J., Joseline Hernandez and Lil' Scrappy attended a private Love & Hip Hop press event in NYC.  A reporter asked K. Michelle about her public spat with her ex-boyfriend, the record exec Memphitz.

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K. "This Bitch is Shaking the Table" Michelle let off into an explosive rambling response and drug Memphitz' wife (Toya Wright a.k.a. Lil Wayne's baby mama) by her 20 inch Indian Remy wig!

K. Michelle and Memphitz had a rocky relationship in which K. accused Memphitz of abusing her, and stealing two million dollars from her (he claims he used the money to fix her teeth, ass and titties).

Memphitz has denied all claims of abuse and even had the nerve to tell K.Michelle that he "made her"(literally).

Toya, being the good wife that she is, took to her Twitter to dispel the rumors and to let the world know that she and her hubby were "laughing at the haters".  By haters, she surely means K. Michelle! This is getting good!

Now, that leads us to the press conference where K. Michelle gives Toya a piece of her mind. Click the video below to watch!


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