Jul 31, 2012

Love & Hip Hop's Erica Dixon - New Boyfriend is Married!

Photo Courtesy of atlpics.net

Remember last week when I reported that VH1's Love & Hip Hop star Erica Dixon had moved on from Lil' Scrappy and was dating a new mystery man? Well, come to find out, her new man is married!

Last week, one of Erica's Twitter followers asked her why she puts up with Lil' Scrappy cheating on her.  Erica revealed that she had already moved on and then tweeted a pic of her and Waka Flocka her new boo with the caption, "My Ride or Die".  Within minutes, she had deleted the picture but clearly she isn't aware that whatever you put on the internet stays there forever.  Here's the picture in case you forgot:

Well, allegedly, Erica deleted the picture because not only is her new boo married, he's a newlywed!  According to www.straightfromthea.com, Erica's new man just tied the knot on Father's Day 2012 smh.  Here are the beautiful wedding photos:

Whew! I couldn't make this stuff up even if I tried!  I was so happy that Erica had found a new love, I just wasn't aware that her new love had a brand new wife at home! This aint right, Erica! Do better, boo!

Well, after receiving so much backlash, Erica did what any embarrassed female would do to try to rectify the situation, she changed her Twitter name *rolls eyes* and issued a statement to Sister2Sister magazine claiming she lied about him being her boyfriend and that she's currently single:

“When the first picture came out, I was like, ‘so what?’ ...“He’s my friend. He’s been my friend for a while, and the media has just taken it and twisted it all out of context. They’ve taken just a simple photo and made it something that it’s not,” she said. “This is just the devil trying to ride my back.”
After the rumors of her dating a married man emerged, Erica tweeted that she already had someone, but she later admitted, “That was just to shut [the gossip] down.”

Do you really expect us to believe you, Erica? This damn tropical bird must think we're stupid!

Let's all just sit back and let this mess unfold. I have a feeling this story isn't over yet!


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