Jul 26, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Episode 7 - Sneak Peek

Love & Hip Hop continues to bring the L-O-L's in episode 7 entitled "Therapy?"

K. Michelle invites Mimi to the studio and she plays her a song that she wrote for her.  K. Michelle has a pretty good voice, I'm actually surprised by how well she can sing.  But every time I look at her, I think of Keyshia Cole and I know I can't be the only one who feels this way! It's time for a makeover K. Michelle! You need an entire new image.

Karlie "Bottle of Vinegar" Redd meets up with her manager and they discuss her new budding relationship with Benzinobutteater.  Her manager doesn't see how Benzino can help Karlie's career since Benzino is...um....irrelevant.  Truer words have never been spoken. Karlie has faith in her boo. Can anyone tell me what happened to L.A. Reid's son? Karlie sure does get around.

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Creepy J. pops in the studio as Joseline and her cropped top are bringing latina sexy time in the music booth.  Stevie is upset because Joseline is using his studio without informing him.  Stevie needs to know Joseline's whereabouts because he owns her mouth, her brain, and her love tunnel down there.  Joseline dares Stevie to cut her out of her contract so that she is free to make all of the Spanglish music her little Puerto Rican (Dominican? Trini? Fuck, who knows) heart desires.

Rasheeda looks beautiful but that's about it.  I really don't pay too much attention to her story line.  *Yawn* Cute face but she's as dry as Mama Dee's vag.

Mimi and Creepy J. are going to therapy. Um, why? Mimi needs to let this one go. I don't even know why she's entertaining Stevie's ass.

Make sure you watch the full episode 7 on Vh1 and then come right back here to discuss!

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