Jul 27, 2012

Hollywood Exes Nicole Murphy's Ex-Husband is a Cheater!

Forgive me for being tardy for the party but I got a little bored and decided to do some research on Nicole and Eddie "Da Queen" Murphy. Some of you already know how Eddie gets down but for those of you who don't, get your popcorn and wine ready!

Let me see if I can break this down for y'all... Eddie and Nicole met in 1988 at the NAACP Image Awards show and they began to date.  Everything was roses and butterflies until he knocked up another chick by the name of Paulette McNeely.  Paulette gave birth to their son Eric Murphy on July 10, 1989.  Hmm...maybe Paulette was pregnant before Eddie and Nicole met? Chile, I sure do hope so.  But Nicole, not wanting to be out shined, gave birth to their beautiful daughter Bria Murphy on November 18, 1989, just four months after Paulette.  Paulette and Nicole's eldest are practically twinsies! How cute *sarcasm*

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I would have been waving the red flag and throwing in the towel at this point but apparently Nicole forgave Eddie and his wandering 'D'. But as soon as she was able to forget his transgression, in November of 1990, a lady by the name of Tamara Hood gave birth to Eddie's second son, Christian Murphy.

*Big heavy sigh*

Nicole, I was really starting to like you but this is unacceptable.  We all make mistakes, Lord knows we do, but your boyfriend at the time was depositing his juice into other women and you were okay with it? And not only were you okay with it but you kept getting knocked up by him too?! Lawd.....

Well, Nicole forgave Eddie once again...and gets pregnant AGAIN! In 1992, Nicole gave birth to their son Myles.  In 1993, Eddie puts a ring on his baby mama and she officially becomes Mrs. Eddie Murphy. Mazel tov!

After Myles, Nicole went on to have three more children with Eddie (Shayne, Zola and Bella).  And thankfully, Eddie didn't knock up any one else for the duration of their marriage.

I know I shouldn't be surprised by all of this since I know that most Hollywood men will get with almost anything that walks by.  But what I'm most shocked by is the fact that Nicole stayed with Eddie even though he was cheating on her left and right. And THEN she had the nerve to marry him? SMH.  Nicole seems so  classy and such a lady.  I would never think that she would tolerate this type of behavior.

Well, I guess some women never learn.  Nicole's new fiance, Michael Strahan, has been married two times and has four children.  His ex-wife has accused him of cheating and beating her.  *Sigh* Nicole, girl, just run.  Please.

What do you think about Nicole Murphy's choice in men?



  1. Funny but Eddie isn't gay

  2. Yea eddie isn't gay he's just a hoe but she needs to step it up

  3. Nope just likes picking up trannys late at night cause he can't sleep. ....LOL

  4. Difference is, Eddie Murphy got the money to afford the kids, and the charisma to keep getting women. Don't hate the successful player, hate the game.

  5. You say some women never learn, referencing Nicole Murphy. How come she just can't be a strong women who endure problems in her relationship and stuck with it and worked it out. I mean I get it she could have taken the easy road and left but she didn't. She definitely a strong black women to be able to deal with a powerful Hollywood man like Murphy and his ego. Being that social media and other forms of technology was not available at that time, who knows what problems they could have had from 88 - 92. It seems more or less that Eddie got his shyt together and they went on to have more beautiful children and a decent marriage. Kudos to her for dodging the raindrops & bullshyt she is winning!!!!!