Jul 31, 2012

Gloria Govan - Come Get Yo Baby Daddy

Matt Barnes Mugshot Courtesy of iamagm.com

Matt "Skeletor" Barnes has managed to serve up some ratchet behavior in the NBA off-season and has found himself in a load of trouble.  I'm truly shocked! *sarcasm* 

The baby daddy of Gloria Govan's twin boys was arrested last night in Manhattan Beach for $26,000 in unpaid traffic fines and for popping off at the police (a FELONY).  First of all Matt, how does one even rack up 26G's in unpaid tickets? Like, for why and for how? Have you been putting off on paying these tickets since the late 80s? This don't make no kind of sense!

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Second of all, the Lakers did not win the championship last season, so you are nobodies hometown hero! Did you really think you could get away with talking mess to the cops? *big heavy sigh*

Matt's bail is set at $51,000 whew lawd! Matt is currently a free agent in the NBA so I hope he's been saving his money so he can bail himself out.  He doesn't look too concerned in that mugshot, look at those pearly whites! How dreamy!

Good luck paying that bail and your legal fees, Matty! 


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