Jul 31, 2012

Basketball Wives LA - Pool Party

Does anyone remember when that one hit wonder R&B singer Houston gouged his own eye out? That's the way I feel after looking at the above photo.

Basketball Wives LA is currently filming the second season and unfortunately, the ladies decided to throw a pool party.

Gloria Govan knew better than to show off that c-section scar and opted for a cute one piece.

Draya even manages to look questionable in a purple bikini top and shorts.

Laura Govan smmfh.  Laura girl what is this?  Who told you this was okay? Your body looks fit and toned overall but there comes a time in a groupie's life when she needs to sit down somewhere and cover up!  Please borrow one of your sister's one-piece bathing suits a.s.a.p.

Lakeisha Malaysia was chic and sophisticated in her black ensemble. Loves it! Werk!

New cast member Brooke Bailey....no words can describe what I'm feeling. The side ponytail? That 80s pink jazzercise bikini? She could have left that one on the rack.

Jackie Christie finally figured out that her little anorexic ponytail she was rocking on season 1 was the laughing stock of VH1 so she finally sewed in some more bundles of hair. Her eyes are covered but she still looks crazy! How is that even possible?

How much you wanna bet Dough Christie is the one taking the picture?

And what happen to Imani Showalter? I guess the rumors of her being fired were true!


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